Coaching Methods

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

EFT is a specific branch within energy psychology. This method is based on a combination of principles from ancient Eastern medicine and modern Western psychology. It involves targeted work with the body, emotions, thoughts, the nervous system and the fine energy network (meridian system) that flows through our bodies. EFT therapy is a fast-acting method for resolving emotional symptoms and physical stress. By gently tapping on a series of acupressure points while focusing on the cause of the stress or emotional tension, a calming signal is sent to the brain. This stimulates the body's relaxation response causing you to experience relaxation. When this happens, while you are in touch with your negative memory or your intense emotion, it can be processed and you will experience more and more inner peace.

Neuro Emotional Integration (NEI)


NEI is a method that focuses on the sustainable elimination of complaints and problems so that blockages and impeding factors can be released. Thus, it is not about treating and suppressing symptoms but addressing and eliminating the problem itself.
The NEI method assumes that almost every illness, pain or complaint has an emotional origin. That emotional origin is traced through the subconscious. Unconscious parts are made conscious. Many of your experiences you have forgotten or put away. You are not aware of them. The unconscious information is stored in your body cells. This information imperceptibly influences your daily functioning and can cause physical, mental, psychological or energetic complaints.
Our subconscious functions like the hard drive of a computer. All answers and information is stored and available. The (healing) art is to get to that information.
Through NEI we search for the origin and the moment of origin.
By asking questions to this subconscious memory, it becomes clear what happened in the past, causing you to suffer from something in the present. NEI helps you clear these emotional blockages. This clears the way for healing and development. You do this through a technique in which the left and right hemispheres communicate with each other again. This activates the self-healing capacity of the body and makes change possible. Only a few sessions are needed. There is no need to relive old pain. That is why people experience NEI as a very pleasant form of therapy. Because of this gentle way of working, NEI is also very suitable for children.
Affirmations, visualizations and breathing techniques are used. Where necessary, supportive remedies from homeopathy, Bach remedies or phytotherapy can be advised.

Facial Analysis


From the external facial features it is possible to analyze personal characteristics. Simply put you can read everything from the face and that provides important information.
Facial science is there to better understand yourself and your environment, by looking at the shape of the face and physique. By adjusting your attitude and behavior accordingly, it is easier to connect with people around you.
From the face you can see what the pitfalls and qualities are. What the state of health is. Energetic complaints, behavioral problems or conflicts in the system are easier to identify and discuss through facial analysis.

Psychodontic Analysis according to Dr. Edelmann

Dr. Edelmann reveals the psychological connections between the teeth as healed, and each tooth individually. The teeth tell a psychological message that almost no one is aware of. Every molar and tooth contains information about the past. A toothache is not only a signal of pain but above all a signal that health is under pressure. Is it bad luck or does the tooth you fell on want to tell you something? What organs or chakras are connected to each tooth? Psychodontics is a blueprint of your life. By "reading" the teeth and their position, it gives insight and information about who you are. Our teeth tell in code our life history and life events.
Dr. Edelmann's approach is at odds with the practices of today's dental world. The interpretation of dental problems and the approach is holistic. Removing a tooth, pulling a molar always produces a disruption in the body. Root canal treatment does not fit into his holistic principle.

Visual language therapy

Visual language therapy is a form of individual psychosocial sign therapy suitable for both adults and children.
Drawing brings out what lives within. If you dare to allow the drawn image, it has a liberating effect.
Nothing has to be done, but everything is allowed. Just put down the movement or image, as it comes to mind or feels.
The drawing can be expressed in different ways.It can be intuitive from the subconscious or the image can be put on paper after a specific assignment. You choose your own colors and you follow the pencil according to your feelings. New thoughts or feelings may present themselves all the time. The drawing is a map of your consciousness, we 'read' it as a mirror of yourself.You show who you are, how you are in life, what you would like to do and especially what you feel and think.
By asking questions about the drawing, clarifying insights emerge, which can bring you another step closer to your goal or solution of a complaint or problem. We do this 'reading' of the drawing together. This is an enlightening, often confronting but ultimately healing process.
At the end of each session it is important to take stock: what insights have you gained about your complaint or problem and how are you going to translate the experiences you have gained into everyday life? What will you do with it to change your situation? In this way, the process begins in which you become aware of your own actions, behaviors and patterns. Then you face the challenge of reorganizing your life with this new knowledge and insights. This can be a spicy transformation process that will take some time and energy.

Script- As Method

Big cleanup in your head

With the SAM technique, writing and coloring, emotional debris is cleared away in the head.
Head and feelings start to work together and there is more balance. Your brain is deprogrammed, everything that hinders you is harmoniously rewritten.
What helps you is activated. The brain begins to function in a balanced way as a result. Your heart and your mind start working together, resulting in the disappearance of anxiety and making room for a loving life.

This whole process happens in 7 steps spread over several sessions. In between, you will receive homework assignments.
The 7 steps:
Step 1: Coloring and writing your own emotions.
Step 2: Becoming aware, naming your emotions and frustrations.
Step 3: Insight, here you will discover how you learned what love is.
Step 4: Forgiving, discovering yourself and others, your inner strength.
Step 5: Being grateful for what is happening in your life, this gives joy.
Step 6: Affirmation, we bring ourselves to once state of bliss, the reversal to the positive.
Step 7: Burning your drawings and then moving forward in light and love.