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Welcome to Cascade Coaching, practice for Integrative Natural Medicine.

Medicine that focuses on living in harmony with yourself and your environment.

How do you do that and what does it take?
A simple question that everyone asks themselves sooner or later. The answer to that question is different for everyone. After all, every person is unique.

have been helping people answer that question and search and find appropriate solutions for over 20 years.That is where my passion lies, that is what makes me happy!

Integrative Medicine sees the human being as a whole. From a holistic perspective I look at man and society. Complaints and limitations are signals that arise because the energy system is out of balance.

I first measure this disturbance of the system. The results are discussed and form the basis of a coherent, integral plan of action.

The trick is to connect to the recovery needs of body and mind.
In many cases, including chronic complaints, we see improvements.

Translating faults and complaints into a personal therapy plan is the basis of sustainable restoration of health.

Cascade vision

How I see it; my view of the world today!

Man is increasingly distant from nature and, therefore, from himself. Nature depends on the way man treats that nature.The climate problem shows that this is not too good. Air and water pollution, clearing of forests and the overuse of chemicals in agriculture, horticulture and food are causing more and more complaints and problems. Today's world has become a specialized world in which coherence, consciousness and understanding are increasingly diminished. This causes more and more disharmony, distortions, poverty and disease.

Naturopathy looks from integration and not specialization. Everything and everyone is connected; interacts and influences each other.Many people are not aware of this (anymore).

The first step in my approach is to activate awareness and insight. Basic knowledge of how the human body works plays an important role in my work. Unhealthy food, heavy metal load and polluted air overload the energy system. Stress, frustration and irritation also affect a person's quality of life.

Naturopathy thinks in terms of solutions and possibilities and addresses the cause as well as the symptoms. Every person can influence their health and workload.

To achieve this goal, Cascade coaching has a diverse range of;
Coaching, treatment and testing methods.