General Conditions

General terms and conditions

Senna Boumans,Cascade Coaching, Practice for Integrative Natural Medicine


PROVIDER : Mrs. Senna Boumans.Cascade Coaching, Practice for Integral Natural Medicine registered in the Chamber of Commerce under number 14081684.
ASSOCIATION : VBAG registered in the Chamber of Commerce under number 2040700 and located at Vlasbree 7, 6065 BZ Montfort.
KOEPEL : RBCZ registered in the Chamber of Commerce under number 20106057 and located in Roosendaal, Kloosterstraat 282, 4701KS Roosendaal.
RBCZ is an umbrella organization that certifies and registers professionals within complementary care.
Grievance and Disciplinary law: Disciplinary law is a jurisdiction in which the disciplinary tribunal assesses whether a doctor or other care provider has worked according to the applicable professional standards. Disciplinary law is designed to promote and monitor the quality of professional practice.
COMPLAINTS FUNCTIONARY : Quasir is the intermediate station between the complaint and disciplinary law of VBAG/RBCZ and the disputes committee.
DISPUTES COMMITTEE : Stichting Zorgverschil provides dispute resolution when clients and healthcare providers cannot resolve a complaint despite the efforts of an independent complaints officer. Since Jan. 1, 2017, the Care Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (Wkkgz) has been in force. Article 18 of this law describes the obligation to join a recognized dispute committee for all healthcare providers in the Netherlands.
WGBO : The WGBO sets out the rights and obligations of people receiving care.
CLIENT/PATIENT : A natural person receiving care.
- TREATMENT : The service offered by Senna Boumans, Cascade Coaching, Practice for Integral Naturopathy after explicit written consent of client/patient that are within the training area of Senna Boumans.

Applicability and realization of the agreement

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, these General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all offers and agreements regarding assignments to be carried out by Senna Boumans, Cascade Coaching, Practice for Integral Naturopathy.

The applicability of any purchase or other conditions of the client is expressly rejected.

Changes, additions and/or extensions of the agreement, or stipulations deviating from these general terms and conditions are only binding for Senna Boumans, Cascade Coaching, Practice for Integral Natural Medicine if they have been expressly agreed upon in writing between parties.

Care Provider

Senna Boumans, Cascade Coaching, Practice for Integral Naturopathy is a member of the VBAG. This association is affiliated with the RBCZ. Information about this professional association and about the RBCZ can be found at and at /

The care provider acts according to the guidelines as drawn up in the professional code of the VBAG. You can find these at and at


Treatment starts with your written consent with an intake interview, after which a treatment plan will be drawn up together with you. This treatment plan will be included in your file. Herein the treatment will take place according to your own goals, wishes, working arrangements and discussed method. This will be the guideline for treatment and signed at during the 1E OR 2E. No rights can be derived from this draft session. There will be regular evaluation sessions in which you and the caregiver will report both verbally and in writing on your developments within the therapy.

Sessions last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes and take place with some regularity so that an ongoing process can occur.

You may see the health care provider without a referral from a physician or specialist. However, if additional information is required, the caregiver will contact your primary care physician, occupational health physician or other specialist. This is always done in consultation with you and you sign the treatment agreement for this transfer. When other types of treatment are desired, the healthcare provider will refer you to another healthcare facility or specialist.

At the time the caregiver is ill, no replacement will take place. The treatment will then not take place and will be moved to another date/time.
In case of long-term illness, a replacement will be arranged in consultation with you, or the treatment will be stopped.

The care provider Senna Boumans, Cascade Coaching, Practice for Integral Naturopathy is self-employed.

For companies whose employees make use of the offerings of Cascade Coaching, Practice for Integral Naturopathy, a model agreement can be made if necessary for offering individual coaching, offering workshops or providing training.



The cost per therapy session is €90 euros and €120 euros for the intake. For an overview of rates please visit or in the waiting room of the practice.

You pay the invoice in cash or by payment app using a common and accepted payment method in the Netherlands at the end of the consultation. The invoice will be sent to you the same day via email. You can also use this invoice for declaring the costs to your health insurance company.

In consultation payment can be made within 7 days. In case of non-timely payment the legal interest and administration costs can be charged. If payment is not made on time, a collection agency will be called in. Additional costs incurred will always be charged to you.

Senna Boumans, Cascade Coaching, Practice for Integral Naturopathy is listed in the AGB-register, which means that the treatment (possibly) (partially) reimbursed from the supplementary package of health insurers. You need to inform yourself in advance what your reimbursement options are. It is important to know that the caregiver is a member of the VBAG and affiliated with the RBCZ and meets the requirements in the field of Medical Basic Knowledge. More information can be found at and


Of course it is possible that you fall ill or that an appointment cannot be kept for other reasons. You must give at least 24 hours notice. In case of late cancellation, 100% of the costs will be charged, this also applies to the first appointment. The costs of this cancellation cannot be claimed from your health insurance company.

Cancellation should preferably be communicated by telephone or e-mail, whereby the date of receipt is binding.

File Lining

The health care provider is required by law to keep records. All sessions are reproducibly reported by the healthcare provider. You have the right to request and view these reports and evaluation records at any time. The file remains the property of the health care provider, 15 years after completion of the process of your treatment or the last moment of contact, the file will be destroyed.

The caregiver has a duty of confidentiality and will handle your file carefully and confidentially. Information will only be requested and/or provided to other care providers, family, employer or other involved parties with your permission.

Matters such as the right to information, handling in the context of privacy and consent to treatment, are laid down in the Medical Treatment Agreement Act (WGBO) and the guidelines of RBCZ and VBAG. These can be requested from the care provider.

Complaints procedure

In case of complaints, the first goal is to discuss your dissatisfaction with the care provider and see if you can work it out together. Complaints can be made either verbally or in writing ( Once received, the complaint will be discussed with you as soon as possible, within 2 weeks, and solutions or further steps considered. If for any reason this is not possible, you will be informed by Cascade Coaching, Practice for Integrative Natural Medicine. After handling the complaint procedure, you will receive a written confirmation of the outcome of the procedure. Everything will be recorded in writing. The obtained information will be handled with care.

If we cannot come to an agreement, you can appeal to the independent complaints procedure of VBAG, Quasir or the arbitration board Stichting Zorgverschil. The procedure can be found on the website at and at and through our website Cascade Coaching, Practice for Integral Naturopathy see link ;

Senna Boumans, Cascade Coaching, Practice for Integral Naturopathy herewith complies with the requirements of the Law on quality, complaints and disputes care (Wkkgz). - When you file a complaint through the VBAG /RBCZ, Quasir or Stichting Zorgverschil please inform the care provider in advance.


You are solely responsible for providing the correct information, solicited or unsolicited, during the treatment process. You are responsible for your own process. This means that if you find that the treatment does not help, you do not understand something or do not agree with something, you have to tell us yourself. This also applies to any changes with regard to medication, health, health insurance, family doctor, name and address details etcetera.

Senna Boumans, Cascade Coaching, Practice for Integral Naturopathy is not liable for material damage suffered by you by visiting the practice. This also applies to lost items or damage to your materials, during or after a visit to Senna Boumans, Cascade Coaching, Practice for Integrative Naturopathy.

Senna Boumans, Cascade Coaching, Practice for Integrative Natural Medicinehas professional and business liability insurance. This liability insurance protects Senna Boumans, Cascade Coaching, Practice for Integral Naturopathy against the financial consequences of mistakes made or damage caused during the exercise of the profession and practice. If the health care provider is found liable for damages suffered, the conditions of the professional and business liability insurance of the Balens apply.

Reporting code for domestic violence and child abuse

The reporting code is a code stating how a healthcare provider should deal with identifying and reporting domestic violence and child abuse. Every care provider with professional secrecy has the right to report suspicions of child abuse based on the Youth Care Act. The right to report includes the right to provide information about the parents and/or child at the request of the Child Abuse Hotline, if necessary without the child and/or parent's consent.


- Senna Boumans, Cascade Coaching, Praktijk voor Integrale Natuurgeneeskunde keeps personal data of clients / patients and on that basis is subject to the AVG. You can find more information about this at such as the privacy statement.

Applicable law

The legal relationship between care provider and clients / patients is exclusively governed by Dutch law. All disputes concerning or in connection with that legal relationship can, in addition to the competent court under the law, be settled by the competent court in Roermond.